Causes Of Depression And Ways To Treat It

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At some point in our lives, we experience emptiness and sadness. We feel sorrow and heartaches. However, when these feelings progress and negatively affect our way of thinking and doing things, it becomes depression. Depression can also be a persistent feeling of low mood that can lead to someone hurting himself/herself and can have emotional difficulty and a hard time functioning well.

There are some causes of depression. First, being stressed. Stress can make a person feel angry in himself/herself, he/she feel overwhelmed, and can have angry outbursts that can have a major effect in our behavior. Second, being lonely. Having no friends or nobody understands a person can make a person think that nobody cares or loves him/her. Third, family or friend loss. Grief from the death or loss of a loved one though it is normal, also can increase the risk of having depression. Fourth, high expectations. High expectations from the parents to their children must have a good grade in their school or having a sustainable future. While in friends or in other people are expectations that a person must be smart in his/her school to have a better future or being popular or have many friends can make a person feel bad to himself/herself if he/she did not reach the certain point of the people’s expectations. Lastly, being bullied. The threat, the force, and the abuse of a person can make him/her feel weak and can lead to being scared to attend the school or having health complains. In my experience, the causes of my depression are being stressed in school works, being lonely, people having high expectations to me and being bullied that sometimes affect me to not go to school because of seeing the bully in my school that make me feel sick sometimes and scared.

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Depression can lead to many effects. Some effects are can lead to disease and emotional problems while some can lead to death. Though, both effects can ruin a person’s function in school or work and in the house. First, being tired. Tired in a way if a person do the requirements needed for school or work, he/she thinks that if he/she do the requirement nobody will ever care on what he/she did or tired in his/her life because of his/her repeating process in their lives. For example, being bullied everyday making a person tired to go to school anymore and feeling hopeless. Second, loss of appetite. Loss of appetite can lead to many major diseases. Third, anxiety. Anxiety is the feeling of sacredness, unease or worry. Anxiety also is a type of fear that a person can’t explain his/her fear. Fourth, confusion. Confusion, too many people examples in their lives are can’t decide on what to do in his/her life or confused if the person thinks if he/she still loved by his/her family and friends. Lastly, the worst effect is having suicidal thoughts and suicidal actions. Suicidal thoughts and actions can make a person feel bad about himself/herself that to the point he/she wants to kill himself/herself or at least try. In my experience, the effects I experience are being tired to work or study because I think that my actions or works are meaningless to others. Second, having anxiety towards my classmates but I could not explain why I am scared of them. Third, confusion in particular on finding my next step in my future. Lastly having suicidal thoughts and actions destroyed me the most.

No matter how much depression affects a person there is always a way to cope with it. The first, is to think less about the stressors in a person’s life. The second is to meet new people and make new friends. If a person feels that no one still likes him/her, he/she try things that he/she is passionate about. Things like cooking, singing and dancing. Third, acceptance. Accept that way you are. Accept your imperfections. We must learn to love and discover ourselves in order to find peace and happiness if we don’t discover ourselves, we will never know our fullest potential. Fourth, is to move one. Move on the person/thing that hurt you depressed. Even though is hard, sometimes we just have to let go and move on to somethings or someone. Lastly, to talk to the people whom you cared for. They might help your in your situation, give your advice or they may also share their experience in depression. Even though you think that nobody will understand you, always remember that we are imperfect and everybody also have problems they are dealing with right now. To me, I cope up with depression by doing the things I am passionate about like traveling and baking. Second, I accept who I am really is that I am not that smart and not much good looking but I am willing to love my imperfections and to show my fullest potential to others also I am willing to make mistakes every day and learn from them and to discover who I am really am more. Then lastly, I talked to the people who I think understand me. People like my family give me advice every day. My parents every morning talk to me ang giving me more advice but more than that my sister always help me realize that I am beautiful no matter what every day.

Depression is a medical illness that is worst than sadness. It has its causes and effects but there is also a way to cope it. In my experience, depression nearly killed me, making me do actions that nearly killed me. I am sharing these experience not only for my teachers but for other who have experience depression and to let them know that they will never be alone that they can also share these experiences to others to inspire others who suffer many problems as well. 


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