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Cell: The Importance Of Biological Membranes

The cell membrane is known to be the cell gate and door. It is an important biological structure that plays an important role in different biological processes such as protection, filtration, transport. Biological membranes are said to be a lipid bilayer(due t the presence of two layers of lipids with hydrophobic and hydrophilic tails ),...
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Introduction To Cell Biology: Prokaryotes And Eukaryotes

There are 2 basic kinds of cells that make up all living things, primitive Prokaryotes, (Fig.1) and advanced Eukaryotes. (Fig.2). All bacteria and bacteria-like Archaea are prokaryotic, these are single-celled organisms that reproduce through binary fission, duplicating their genetic material. These cells lack certain features compared to the eukaryotic cell. Prokaryotes don’t have a real...
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Cell-Based Assays In Screening Of A Variety Of Drug Compounds

Introduction: Cell-based assays are assays that are used commonly for the screening of a variety of drug compounds in order to determine if the compounds have any effect on cell proliferation or if they display cytotoxic effects (Riss et al., 2013). In addition, cell-based assays can also be used to measure target receptor binding and...
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The Importance Of Mammalian Cell Culture In Medical Research

Abstract: The value of cell culture in medical research can be seen through the diverse and innovative ways scientists have involved cell culture in their investigations. Cell Culture allows cells separated from animal tissues to be developed in a culture, which can be used as a device for research, such as cancer research, or for...
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Types Of Cells: Prokaryote Cells Versus Eukaryotic Cells

Background: The cell is considered as the main functional and structural unit of all known organisms. There are two types of cells prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells Prokaryotic cells are unicellular organisms with no nucleus. They contain non-membranous organelles Eukaryotic cells which may be unicellular or multicellular having a nucleus. Plant and animal cells are considered...
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General Observation and Analysis of Animal and Plant Cells

Abstract The main aim of this experiment is to observe the animal and plant cells, the division of plant cells and to be able to define the unknown sample by given materials. In general, the experiment had major three parts. During the first part of it, two samples of cells were examined under the microscope....
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