Essays on Cerebral Palsy

Design Recommendations For Electric Wheelchair Used By Cerebral Palsy Patients

Around five million people in the US have limited limb movement, making it challenging for them to use products, such as electric-wheelchairs. The user needs to continuously move the joystick for specifying the chair’s trajectory and its speed. Unfortunately, users suffering from Cerebral Palsy lack these fine motor skills to use a joystick.[1] Cerebral Palsy...
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Cerebral Palsy: General Characteristics

Cerebral palsy is defined as, a group of permanent disorders affecting the movement and posture, and a person’s ability to maintain balance; these disturbances can appear fetal development or the infant brain and is the, “most common physical disability of children” (Wong’s 2015). Most often this disorder includes disturbances of, “sensation, perception, communication, cognition,” and...
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