Essays on Cervical Cancer

Gene Editing Might Be A Powerful Tool To Conquer Cervical Cancer

Australian researchers claimed that they have found a cure for cervical cancer in mice using gene-editing technology, which is a big breakthrough for gene therapy, and Creative Biolabs spares no effort in assisting global scientists to make greater progress. Earlier this month, scientists from Griffiths University’s Menzies Health Institute Queensland used gene editing technology called...
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Cervical Cancer: Causes Of Disease And Diagnostic Tools

Cervical Cancer Description and epidemiology Cervical cancer is the most prevalent gynecological cancer among women, with 6.6% new cases reported in 2018. It is the 4th common cancer in women and 7th in all known cancers. Despite relatively easy treatment protocols existing, it is a common cause of death, especially in low income and development...
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Cervical Cancer Prediction

Introduction The use of machine learning in disease prediction and prognosis is part of a growing trend towards personalized, predictive medicine (Weston and Hood 2004). This movement towards predictive medicine is important not only for patients but also for physicians in making informed treatment decisions. As a result of its capability machine learning has been...
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