Change Management Strategies Adopted By Amazon

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1. Amazon Web Services

The very first change adopted by Amazon was the developmental change as it started merely with web services which later transformed into the biggest server company worldwide. Through this change, Amazon has been able to improve and take the organization one step ahead. But on the other side, this change took a lot of time and might have surely cost an additional budget.

2. Whole Foods

In the case of whole foods, Amazon adopted Lewin 3 step model such that it began to make changes that would shift the organization to another level of response. It has been mentioned in the case study that changes included “internal restructuring”, therefore it could be seen that changes were made at the structural level. Amazon changed its working system then refreeze by adopting the new strategy.

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3. Delivery

At this point also, we can see a developmental change as Amazon has established the product delivery concept to enhance and ameliorate the existing aspect. It may be considered as the improvement of the services it is actually offering. It may also be seen as a deliberate change such that this was executed for the obvious aim of attracting more customers. On the contrary, the drone delivery program would be expensive as well.

4. Warehouse Automation

As per the case study, Amazon has even adopted continuous change as Amazon warehouses never stopped making technological changes. It has recently implemented the robotic system and mentions that in the future it would replace a great number of workers with robots itself. The good thing is that Amazon has a way of adapting and adopting new ideas at various levels of the organization. Though the idea is excellent but would all the employees of Amazon be able to cope with new technology?

5. T.V and Prime Video

Here, Amazon adopted the transitional change as it has achieved different aspects of the organization by selling videos and DVDs, and it also joined other tech giants by producing its own movies and TV shows. The benefit that Amazon will gain from the transitional change is that this innovation will be more challenging for the company. However, by implementing new processes this can be difficult for the staff of Amazon to adapt.

6. Amazon in other countries

Amazon has also opted for internationalization which is considered to be the transformational change. There has been a radical change in the aspect of the company by itself in India. This was a planned change executed by the change managers in Amazon. In this case, Amazon has adopted unique measures so that they can succeed in India therefore this will allow them to meet unexpected competition and remain competitive in the international markets. But, this type of transformational change can result in a shift in the work culture in India, and therefore, there can be unexpected market changes.

7. Amazon Go

There has been a transitional change also as it aims to achieve a known desired state that is not similar to the existing one. Like here, along with being an online retailer, it has also ventured into physical grocery stores. Employees however can face discomfort when adopting the change as there will be new processes and, in the beginning, they will have difficulty adapting.

8. Kindle and E-Books

There has been a continuous change done by Amazon which is ongoing, evolving, and cumulative. It has constantly kept on innovating be it the kindle e-book which changed the way books are read, sold, and distributed. Here, Amazon has adopted the new technology by making transitional changes and innovation processes. However, staff should be provided with some training for the new systems s that they do not get lost with the new technology.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Here, Amazon adopts the emergent change as over 900,000 global members are all following a strategy and working to promote the company’s products and online presence leading to a change process. By adopting new ways of marketing. Amazon will be able to reach a wide web visitor leading to a rise in revenue as already mentioned. This will help in reaching a wide audience globally.

10. Blue Origin

There has been another transformational change adopted by Amazon as it reached a new height with Blue Origin which literally aims for the stars. And also, a transitional change is involved which can be based on Lewin’s three-step process which is unfreezing-existing organization equilibrium, Moving- to a new position, refreezing- a new equilibrium position. One good thing about Amazon is that it does not restrict its willingness to innovate therefore it keep on adopting new working processes and here, Amazon has undergone both transitional and developmental change. Therefore, new business systems and approaches will be introduced. 


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