Essays on Charity

The Ethics Of Charity: Concluding Kant's Ideas

Concluding Kant We have already deduced what “Good Charity” should entail, and explored the Kantian ethical theory. Now we must evaluate the Kantian method with regard to its application to charity. Due to its deontological approach to ethics, Kant focuses on the intrinsic rightness or wrongness of actions, which according to W.D Ross in his...
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Evaluation Of The Rule Utilitarian Method Regarding Its Application To Charity

As with Kantian ethics, let us evaluate the Rule Utilitarian method regarding its application to charity, and whether it can aid an evaluation of “Good Charity” and use its strengths to formulate a renewed ethics of charity. The Past it seems is always irrelevant to the Rule Utilitarian theory, as only present and future happiness...
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The Moral Obligation Of Charity And The Critique Of Relativism And Egoist

Charity is an act of giving to others in need, it entails food, clothing, money and displaying kindness. It also relates to ethics that deals with good and bad behaviors. It highlights questions about morality regarding its subjectivity or objectivity. Ethics also describes the relationship between self-interest and morality, discusses the positive and negative effect...
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