Essays on Charles Dickens

Charity In Life Of Charles Dickens

 Charles Dickens, the most influential individual of his time, has an amazing story. He was raised in a very poor home and did not receive a good education. Contrary to what was expected of a child raised in such circumstances he became a success. Charles Dickens was a very popular writer and had a great...
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Charles Dickens: Usage Of Language Features In Novels

 Dickens uses allusions to allow the reader to indulge themselves into the story without explaining a lot of the action in a given scene. In the first paragraph of the extract, the narrator uses the words ‘shy of’ when describing Mrs. Tibbs to add emphasis on how small she felt around the people in her...
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Charles Dickens: Raising Of Social Issues In Novels

Charles Dickens led an extraordinary life. What some might call a dream. However, his life was not so full of richness and joy, rather it began with poverty and hard work, and later blossomed into the so called dream of fame and fortune. Dickens youth influenced many of his works, if not all of them....
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Oppression, And Moral Decline: Society’s Degeneration In Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations

Lawrence Kappel, the book editor of Greenhaven Press Readings on Great Expectations, emphasizes the idea that Dickens’ novel, Great Expectations, illustrates social commentary on Victorian society: “Great Expectations is the most unified and concentrated expression of Dickens’ abiding sense of the world, and Pip might be called the archetypal Dickens hero” (11). As a critic...
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Legal Elements In Dickens Novels

Legal Elements In Dicken’s Novels When compared to other authors and novelists in English, Charles Dickens portrayed lawyers and law as characters to convey the legal themes which forms the soul and substance of his novels. Ranging from the novel, the Pickwick Papers to the Mystery of Edwin Drool is played by the lawyers’ trial...
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Dickens: Novels Inspired By His Own Experiences

Dickens:  Novels Inspired By His Own Experiences We know that most of Dickens’ works have been inspired by his own experiences.  Depending on what he lived, his novels did not take the same turn. His works can often be linked with his own experiences of life or with people he knew. We can easily establish...
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