Essays on Charles Manson

Subcultures Vs. Countercultures: The Manson Family Cult

Different cultures are present in every society throughout the world. Many believe that the existence of cultures is crucial for members of societies to be able to exercise their freedom, whether that is freedom of speech or expression. On the other hand, cultures may be viewed as detrimental for society because they may put “limits”...
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What Happened To Tex Watson

During the late 1960’s California witnessed some of the most gruesome murders in its history, much of it was under the instruction and direction of Charles Manson and his infamous Manson family. Tex Watson happened to be one of the young people who fell victim to Manson’s manipulations. We take you through the story of...
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The Key Members Of The Manson Family

The Manson Family, an American quasi-commune and cult who referred to themselves as members of a family were infamous for being responsible for several gruesome deaths in the 1960s. Although decades have passed, the blood of the innocents who were murdered leaves a permanent stain in the history books of America. Who are these Manson...
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