Essays on Chicago

Gentrification in Chicago

The city of Chicago, the third most populous city of Illinois, was once known as a beautiful and busy city known for its interesting architecture, great food, and intense winter weather. Chicago is an international center for finance, culture, commerce, industry, education, technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Over time the narrative of Chicago has shifted, the...
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Severe Winter Weather: Chicago Style

“Severe winters are characterized by either extremely cold periods one to two months in duration, or by severe ice storms or heavy snowfalls occurring repeatedly over a period of six to twelve weeks,” (Rauner). This is relevant for this report because the focus is the tremendous amounts of snow accumulated within Cook County’s own, Chicago,...
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Chicago Teachers Strike: Article Analysis

We are and all have been part of a school setting where we have had teachers put forth their time and effort to make sure we understood the course material as efficiently as we should. With no doubt, we can assume that the enthusiasm of teachers proves their dedication, but have we ever thought about...
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Chicago Water Quality

Abstract Water is one of the most essential elements to sustain life. Water does not only connect every single aspect of life, but it is undeniably a fundamental human need. Every person requires at least 5-13 gallons of clean and safe water daily for drinking, sanitation needs, cooking and much more. Regardless of scientific improvements,...
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Music In Chicago: Rap, Jazz, Hip-hop

In central Nebraska, we would work hard. We worked hard all day and every day, in the field and in the classroom. We worked early on cold winter mornings, breaking ice on the water tanks as our breath floated into the frigid air. We worked in the middle of hot summer days, fixing pivots while...
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