Essays on Children

Report on Ethical, Privacy and Social Responsibility Issues for a New Multiplayer Game for Children

Purpose MonGamerz wants to develop a new game for children within age eight to fourteen years. In this business report, privacy, ethical, and social responsibility issues that can arise while developing this game are illustrated. A practical recommendation to tackle these issues is given at the end of the report. Findings Privacy problems Company wants...

Domestic Violence: Unfriendly Impact on Children and Women Because of Abusive Behaviour at Home

Introduction. Jeevasuthan and Hatta’s[footnoteRef:1] study report an unfriendly impact on children and women because of abusive behaiouvur at home. Children, particularly, are the most defenseless focuses as it seriously impacts physical and mental development. Alongside prevented development, they likewise face a crowd of difficulties and dangers for their life. Significant casualties of abusive behavior at...
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