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Traditional Chinese Family: Meaning And Changes

The vast changes economically and politically, it has led to a range of adaptations in the Chinese family unit. The changes within families has been in an attempt to upkeep with societal changes and ensure the best outcome for all family members involved. The laws and regulations have shifted greatly especially in the wake of...
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The Comparison Of The Chinese And Australian Education Systems

Structure of Systems The Chinese education system is comprised of three stages. There are three years of primary school, then three years of junior middle school, which is when Chinese students are tested to see which senior high school they can attend 中考 (ZhongKao). If students do not pass this test, they can attend a...
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Chinese Cultural Group In Australia

The Chinese cultural group has a population that stands at nearly 1.438 billion as of the beginning of 2020, which is approximately 18.5% of the total world population. With their extremely large population, there is a wide variety of factors that influence their food selection in not only China but also in Australia. These factors...
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Experience Of Chinese American Woman

Introduction In this essay, I will scrutinize my own subjectivity as a Chinese American woman, examining this by firstly deconstructing what this particular constellation of identity signifies before situating my subjectification within the disciplinary power of beauty/cosmetic culture that policies female bodies by emphasizing capital value obtained through the physical body. I will consider a...
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ChinaTown In Toronto

Toronto is widely known for its multicultural diversity. There are many different cultures which have resided in this city, creating ethnic enclaves throughout. Throughout this essay, I will specifically be focusing on changes occurring within Chinatown. Toronto consists of many Chinatowns that have been removed, relocated and subsequently transformed over many years. Chinatown west expands...
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Chinese Language Variations In Philadelphia’s Chinatown

Coming back from gym class, Ben notices a math worksheet. In addition to Singapore math, his teacher uses a system she’s borrowed from New York State – Engage NY – in which native speakers of languages other than English have accurately translated math worksheets and topics so that students can explore grade-level math without being...
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Indonesian Born Chinese: Between Discrimination And Contribution

Throughout the history of Indonesia, since the colonial era, Indonesia has been indoctrinated with “Divide et Impera”, a dividing and ruling mindset. Indonesian under Dutch rule was educated and promoted to be divided, in which religion and racial issues became an easy topic to stir any division between the people. That indoctrination, unfortunately, carries on...
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Analysis Of Chinese Genocide

The United States has refused to acknowledge the Chinese Genocide, and while many individuals feel this is wrong, the reality of the world is that the decision is up to the President and not the people. Uighur people are being killed only for the reason that they just didn’t want to be treated like trash...
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Gender Discrimination In Chinese Family: Son-preference

It has been a long period since the traditional Chinese family was characterized as patriarchal in which females were inserted in severe social disadvantage relative to males. In this strongly evolved patriarchal family system, rational biases on the gender inequality in a family are presented as sons are believed to be the permanent members of...
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Jay's Personality And His Chinese Style Songs

Introduction and Jay’ Early Career: In this article I intend to discuss Jay Chou and his personality which intersects the topics of his race and ethnicity . Jay Chou is a pop singer in Taiwan. His works are very famous in East Asia. His main style of his music is partial to pop music and...
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