Essays on Chinese Culture

Modern Interpretation Of Traditional Chinese Culture Of Clothing

The Chinese people traditionally used patterns to express wishes. This is demonstrated on the Chinese traditional dress, the qipao where they used various patterns such as flowers and plants. Many used flowers as each flower had its own unique meaning. For instance, The chrysanthemum is a very popular flower and is portrayed not in just...
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Comparing Chinese And Japanese Cultures

The population of Japan and China combined is one billion, five hundred, twelve million and eight hundred thousand. Surprisingly, the background of Japan is based on China’s background. China is also known as Zhong Guo– The Middle Kingdom. They chose this name for themselves because the Chinese used to believe China was in the middle...

Traditional Chinese Art And Culture In Modern Art Design

Art has been utilised for communicating messages and educating people for centuries. Even artists from the early Western period used art in this manner. Because of this, the elements of their works hold significance (Baig, 2020). Graphic design, which is a form of art, involves the exchange of colour and graphics information transmission. Graphics are...
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