Essays on Church

Analysis Of Fresh Expressions Of Church

New forms of Church (Fresh Expressions) have been appearing all over the global North for a number of years. In an attempt to connect to today’s consumerist, post-modern culture they seek to reach out to the unchurched and de-churched in new and fresh ways. In this essay I will discuss how these new forms of...
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Church: Saint Peter, Saint Paul, Council Of Jerusalem

Throughout the history of the Catholic Church, there have been countless influencers that have benefited our lives today. Saint Paul, Saint Peter, and the Council of Jerusalem are just a small number, and they had, and continue to have vast effects on the Catholic Church. Saint Paul and Saint Peter have two different stories, but...
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The Roman Catholic Church And Reasons To Attend It

In today’s day and age, the Roman Catholic Church is witnessing a series of renewal in the realms of culture and power. It would much rather be shaping society than following its standards, but pop culture is prominent in the everyday life of a religious individual from television commercials to radio station songs. The last...
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Abortion: Legalization and Catholic Churches View

Introduction Society is made up of people of all different beliefs, religions, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. Society at both it’s best and worst reflects on the fact that millions of humans have the same three fundamental needs: control, connection and consistency, with that said everyone has a different point of view on particular topics. The...
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Religion and Concept of Peace: Christianity Versus Judaism

Peace is the ideal state of tranquility, barren of dispute. Eirene, meaning Peace in Christianity, alludes to a sense of wellbeing and serenity. Christianity establishes that peace is made possible through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Christian PrincipalTeachings of Jesus is the Prince of Peace, Agape, the Divinepeace of God and...
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