Essays on Cinderella

An Analysis Of The Character Of Cinderella

Social Temprament Cinderella had a strong and charming personality. She was compassionate and took good care of her step mother and sisters despite their terrible behavior towards her. She showed great care and consciousness towards the duties and tasks assigned to her by her step mother. Apart from being extremely beautiful, she was diligent, determined...
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The Chinese Version Of Cinderella

The tale of Cinderella is well known around the world, telling the story of a young woman suffering unjust treatment, whose circumstances are suddenly changed to incredible fortune. However, from its origin around two thousand years ago to now, there have been countless variations on the popular folk tale, each with their own intricacies resulting...
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Comparing And Contrasting Versions Of Cinderella

According to news website Vox, the Cinderella story we all know dates back to around the 17th century in Europe. (Vox 1) The first version ever written is by the Grimm Brothers in 1812. (Wikipedia) The story has spread to many other different countries, and the earliest known deviation is the Egyptian version. (Wikipedia) This...
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