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Catch Me If You Can (Dreamworks 2002) was a film that was very different compared to others, showing the story of Frank Abagnale. Within the whole Film Spielberg uses many common techniques like shooting through objects and Claustrophobic over shoulder shot to bring us more into depth of how Frank Abagnale is living his life.

Shooting through objects is one of the more common techniques Spielburg uses and there’s a meaning behind it every single time. The first example of where he uses this is after Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo Dicaprio) gets caught teaching a french class (21:10). He started teaching it because he wanted to teach the students a lesson. After going on for about two weeks Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo Dicaprio) finally gets caught, when Paula Abagnale (Nathalie Baye) his mom finds out she’s smoking. The cigarette is used as a symbol trying to show us how clouded her judgement is. This happens all throughout the film whenever Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo Dicaprio) does something that’s obviously wrong and could even happen right in front of her own eyes but unfortunately, she wants to believe the best in her son. Doesn’t want to ruin the good image she has painted herself of him. Another example of this is when he finally gets caught (2:03:16). A little bit before he’s caught he sees a glimpse of his mom Paula Abagnale (Nathalie Baye), the whole film he’s been trying to get his family back together but then he gets to his moms house and sees she’s created a whole life away from him. The shot through the rearview mirror shows the viewers what’s going on in the background but also how Frank Jr (Leonardo Dicaprio) feels. He’s looking at the new family his mom has and everything he’s been trying to achieve like fixing his family is over with.

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The other cinematic technique that was used in Catch Me If You Can (Dreamworks 2002) is claustrophobic over the shoulder shots. He uses these shots to emphasise moments of particular Significance. The first example is when Frank Abagnale Jr. (Leonardo Dicaprio) goes to have dinner for the last time before he gets locked up with his father (1:34:04). He gives to his father in a way that shows how he’s actually made it, he has what the father never really did have but wanted. In the article Catch Me If You Can written by Todd McCarthy, After all, at the very same time Abagnale was pulling his stunts, the teenage Spielberg was dressed in coat and tie to palm himself off as an executive on the Universal lot, a ploy that paid off when he got a Tv directing gig by age 21.” This can relate to the film because Frank Jr. (Leonardo Dicaprio) really wanted to be successful, he was trying to me well known and respected. The second example of claustrophobic


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