Civil Rights Movement: Jim Crow Laws

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The Civil Rights movement is one of the most important acts to change the way not only African Americans were able to live their lives but all races and colors. It would slowly break down the social, economic, political, and racial barriers that were created by the Age of Discovery and the Transatlantic Slave trade. I believe without the Civil Rights acts our country would result to be no better than what it was when the Emancipation Proclamation just took effect. In the 1950s and long before, Southern folk, who were white had created a system that would interpret them as a superior race over blacks. The system would defend whites’ rights and privileges from being taken away from them while establishing terrible inhumane suffering for African Americans. In the South blacks were controlled in all aspects economic, political, and personal, this was called a “tripartite system of domination” – (Aldon D. Morris) (6) Though it isn’t as prevalent racism and discrimination towards other races that aren’t white is still found in America and can be in schools, the workplace, even when you are in the general public but you no longer see discriminating signs saying “Whites” or “Blacks” or Colored” along the front of bathroom, restaurants, and shopping malls doors. Nor do you see people being declined the right to buy a home based on their color or access to school and an equal education being declined because one didn’t meet racial requirements. The acts of violence towards

Jim Crow Laws were the laws that separated Whites and colored. Jim crow was a TV show that had a white man that had black face and made fun of colored people by betraying them to be stupid and thought less, These show would be played all over the south they would play it at schools and other public places. Everyone saw these and it worked black were thought less human that could barely speech for them selfies. Whites said they were equal to black, but they were not black school were old buildings refurbished into ‘’schools’’ But white schools were new and had the newest stuff and there was a lot more white school then black ones. So, the whites had a better thing the blacks so not really that equal is it a lot of people knew that it was wrong, and they were going to do something about it

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In 1954 the browns sued the school broad so that whites and colors could go to school together. The law was passed, and blacks could start going to white schools. A lot of white parent took they kids out of school because they didn’t won’t their children to go to school with black kids.

A year after the Brown vs Board court case there was a lady of the name Rosa Parks, she was a hard-working woman and at the end of her long job she rode the bus back home. But one day the buses was all most completely filled beside one sit in the whites only sections so the tried Mrs. Park sat there and at the next stop a white man got on the bus and the bus driver told Rosa Parks to stand up but she didn’t get up the driver called the cops and Rosa Parks was arrested on spot. After that night all black started to not rid the buses. And instead of riding to the places they need to go to they walk or rod the church’s buses.

After the Montgomery bus boycott 200,000 people marched in D.C. in the crowd, there weren’t just black people it was also white people too. That day was when Martin Luther King Jr give his speech, I have a dream the speech was his imaging a perfected worlds where blacks and whites lived together not separated. After that day congress got rid of the Jim Crow laws.


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