Essays on Civil Wars

Civil War: Change Towards The Rights Of African Americans

War was the least significant cause for change for African American’s civil rights in the period 1865-1968. Although being the catalyst for some fundamental change, the lack of, and also somewhat regressing change towards civil rights undermines these few positive changes. To illustrate, during the Reconstruction Period, a supposedly new era for America, the white...
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An Impact Of Civil War In America

I would like to think, the Civil War was one of the most persuasive wars that America has fought in history. There were massive changes that happened not only during the war but long afterwards. This war would change history and lives of millions of people and many generations. It was an important war to...
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The Civil Rights Movements Of The USA And Australia

The Civil rights movements in the USA and Australia in the mid 20th century was a fight for African-American and Aboriginal people to be treated as equal citizens in their respective countries. Protests like the “Sit-Ins” in the US, the tent embassy in Australia. These movements were pushed forward by strong leadership from prominent civil...
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Civil War: Speech Of Martin Luther King And Its Impact

 Martin Luther King, Jr was the leader of the civil rights movement in the United States. He dedicated his life to the struggle for racial equality of African Americans. In August 28th, 1963, King gave one of his most influencing speeches entitled “I Have A Dream.” The speech was a critical step toward civil rights...
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Causes And Effects Of Civil War

The civil war, known for its positive effects on African Americans equal opportunities, opened trade, communication and opportunities in America to create a more industrialized nation. Therefore, the federal government gained power over the government of the state and ended the Union split. Because of this, the United States flourished in economic power. But what...
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Civil War: Technology, Weapons, And Medicine

The American Civil War can be described as one of the most vicious and fatal wars in American history. 2,750,000 soldiers fought, 620,000 died, 180,000 African-Americans gave battle, as well as 70% of 2.75 million being under the age of twenty-three with twenty-five being no older than ten, consisting of 10,500 battles, with two combatants...
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English Civil War Versus Aftermath Of The American Civil War

Compare the aftermath of the English Civil War with the aftermath of the American Civil War. What can we learn about the long-term impact of civil wars from this? In 1646, the English Civil War ended, and during the following 40 years, Britain went through three stages, including the Interregnum, the Restoration and the Glorious...
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Revolutionary War Versus Civil War

A civil war is when groups of people from the same country go to war, and a revolutionary war is when two different countries have a conflict between them. Revolutionary wars are within two different countries, in this case, The American Revolutionary War was between America and Britain. Both of the events were wars, but...
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Civil Wars: Relationship Between Conflicts And Natural Resources

Intro In history, people have fought because of their ethnic differences. However, let’s not generalize and associate ethnic differences with civil wars. I argue that large diversities do not necessarily increase the chances of social conflicts. Over the decades’ many nations have been able to live cohesively with various distinct groups within their communities. It...
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