Essays on Clarinet

Clarinet: Symphony Fantastique Analysis

Symphony Fantastique: de la vie d’un artiste, en cinq parties (Fantastical Symphony: An Episode in the Life of an Artist, in Five Parts) Op. 14, is a composition of music is an important piece of the early Romantic era (1810-1900). It is a programmatic symphony written by the French composer Hector Berlioz in 1830, and...
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Clarinet In Osvaldo Golijov’s The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind

Osvaldo Golijov’s The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind is a 20th century masterpiece scored for klezmer clarinet and string quartet. This essay will explore how intercultural music, modern notation systems and the Americanisation of klezmer combined create this work. Commissioned in 1994 for the genre defining Israeli Clarinettist, Giora Feidman, this klezmer-inspired piece...
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Clarinet: A Study on Klezmer Music

Jewish Music has drastically changed in the last two centuries, adapting with society and culture. Two centuries ago, Jewish music was much more traditional, focusing mainly on incantations and synagogue-inspired music. However, as Jews moved and integrated their surrounding influences into their own style, different subgenres began to emerge, like Klezmer Music. This subgenre falls...
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