Essays on Classical Conditioning

Comparison Of Classical And Operant Conditioning

Two recognised learning theories that are aimed to explain how learning occurs are Classical conditioning and Operant Conditioning. Pavlov (1995) was considered the creator of Classical conditioning. His theory derived from presenting a dog with an unconditioned stimulus, in this case, food, that this would provoke an unconditioned response in the form of the dog...
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Classical Conditioning And Specific Phobias

Phobias are ranked as one of the most prevalent reported psychological disorders (Bloom, 2013). Phobias are separated into three main groups. Specific phobias are the most frequently diagnosed. These phobias are characterized by extreme anxiety to a certain object or situation when in reality the object or situation is relatively harmless. The second group of...
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Implementation Of Classical Conditioning In A Classroom

Every man is a philosopher, however, a good philosopher invents and justify his own theory. According to Michaud (2015), It is hard to justify the importance of philosophy for educators when philosophers cannot seem to justify effectively the importance of philosophy for students” (p. 74). Moreover, classical conditioning is a theory produced by Ivan Pavlov....
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