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Species are becoming extinct every day. The Industrial Revolution that started in the 19th century brought new and innovative ways of creating products like clothes and equipment. Such facilities culminated in vastly higher air pollution. Single-use plastics also emit carbon dioxide which represents a serious threat to air pollution is just one of the main causes of climate change. However, our Planet has degraded due to the rise of polluting humans. Intrinsically, atmosphere is complex. The climate changes from place to place, and the period varies. Today, the world is facing one of the complex and important problems it has ever had to address: climate change. We also have many indicators of climate change and can show them quickly. There are increasing global sea level, massive snow and ice melting, ocean and global temperatures are rapidly changing, and other indicators. The argument that’s taking place is: Is climate change real? Many believe the events taking place in our world are all-natural and we shouldn’t worry. This is the continuing conflict between the two sides. Those who say that climate change is a real problem are only telling others of denial. Others note, ‘A minor but very important part of the atmosphere, carbon dioxide is produced by natural processes such as respiration and volcano eruptions, and by human activities such as erosion, land-use changes, and burning of fossil fuels.

With being vegan, I have seen humans and their ignorant ways of living. Littering is not going to do our earth any good. Humans are the cause of why our earth has these natural disasters so frequently. While some consider it more ‘natural’ to eat wild fish rather than those from intensive farmed fisheries, there is nothing natural about the 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises who die each year after being caught in fishing nets. Thousands of turtles, seals and birds also die from injuries caused by nets and tackle, and although the technology is improving to avoid this ‘by-catch’, the industry is still causing enormous damage to an already fragile ecosystem.

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Records of environmental evidence show important climate change measures, such as rising global land and ocean temperatures; rising sea levels; loss of ice at Earth’s poles and in mountain glaciers; changes in extreme weather frequency and severity, such as storms, heatwaves, wildfires, droughts, flooding and precipitation; and increases in ecosystem and vegetation. Climate change is predisposed toward environmental health. The evolving climate is expected to bring more heat stress, a rise in waterborne diseases, poor air quality and diseases spread by insects and rodents. Extreme weather events will intensify many of those health risks. Scientists also predicted that the long-term effects of climate change will include a loss in sea ice and an increase in permafrost thawing, an upturn in heat waves and extreme precipitation, and a decline in semi-arid water resources. Climate change causes residents to be displaced in several respects, the most noticeable — and drastic — is due to the increasing amount and severity of weather-related events that destroy homes and ecosystems and require people to seek shelter or subsistence elsewhere. They need to contribute and try to halt the impacts of global warming and other climate change. If the earth’s levels continue to rise in the future, all things on earth would become extinct because of the high temperatures. Unless we stick to mitigating global warming, our world would be cooler, and the high temperatures that we now have would plummet.


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