Essays on Climate Change

Climate Change: The Adversative Effects On The Weather Of Melbourne

1.0 Introduction Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city. Its population is expected to increase from 3.7 to 5 million by 2026 and is considered as the fastest growing state capital city. In the current millennium, all the metropolitan cities have emerged as a driving force in various forms of subnational climate governance. Planning strategies for...
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Storm: Impact Of Climate Change

Climate change is one of the inevitable issues facing globally today. A large population of those people who live in slums and shantytowns where they are most likely to put in danger and have the least of a chance to acclimatize to climate change. Because of that, many people are being affected and even animals...
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Scientific Debates Concerning The Existence Of Climate Change

Climate change, or to be more accurate, enhanced climate change due to anthropogenic actions is an extremely topical issue that leads to contentious debate within the societies of today. This is the context of all three texts as they were all created in the past three years and they are all opinionated pieces on said...
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Climate Change: Impact On Australia And Possible Solutions

Climate change is a change in the usual weather found in one place. This could be a change in how much rain that place usually gets in a year or it could be a change in the place’s usual temperature for a month or season. Climate change is also a change in Earth’s climate. This...
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Impact Of Climate Change On Food Security: Melbourne Versus India

Food security is a persons’ ability to access food at all times. For a country to be food secure it has to have food accessibility, food availability and sustainability. Climate change is the process in which the whole climate’s average temperature changes. This can be measured by specialists in atmospheric sciences such as climatologists and...
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Problem Of Rising Sea Levels In The Marshall Islands

Over the last three decades, climate change has evolved dramatically causing a horrific impact on the Earths surface and atmosphere. As a result, sea levels have risen 7mm per year since 1993 in the Marshall Islands ( indicating that the seas around the Marshall Islands are rising at an abnormal rate compared to the global...
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Effects of Negligence on Climate Issues in Australia

In the span of 15 years within Australia, the national governors have failed to reverse the severe effects of climate change, and as a result of these careless actions Australia begins to wither away. Australians are killing themselves; Australia needs to take responsibility and take the necessary actions to combat the climate issues we are...

Social Issue of Climate Change and Its Negative Effect on Modern Australia

Introduction In a world of rising sea levels, Australia is currently facing one of the most challenging man-induced disasters seen in centuries. As a representative of Australia’s youth, tomorrow`s leaders and decision-makers, I will speak to you about the contentious social issue of climate change that is negatively affecting modern Australia. With rising temperatures, rising...
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Causes Of Climate Change: Natural And Human-induced Climate Change, Its Implication On The Future World Food Security

Climate change is happening at an unprecedented rate and while it exacerbates the other already existing world problems, it also proves to be a real threat to world food security. Climate change is an overarching problem to world food security as it presses all the four pillars of food security – ‘availability’, ‘utilization’, ‘access’, and...
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