Essays on Coal Mining

Australia: Industry Analysis

Industry Analysis According to the classification by IBISWorld (2020), FMG mainly operates in the industry of iron ore mining in Australia. The main business activities of the industry firms include to extract iron ore and iron ore sands, and to undertaker the beneficiation process. according to IBISWorld (2020), the industry had a total revenue of...
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Benefits Of Digging New Coal Mines

Digging new coal mines is a controversial topic for many reasons. It is one of the most economical sources of energy and it gives occupation opportunities. On the other hand it is not a renewable source of energy, plants and animals are negatively affected by coal mines furthermore it releases greenhouse gases. On the 31st...
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Coal Mining: A Substantial Component Of Queensland’s Diverse Economy

Coal Mining The mining industry is a substantial component of Queensland’s diverse economy, contributing $38.8 billion during the 2017-18 financial year. (Queensland Treasury, 2019) This equates to 11.8% of the overall economy. With mining being the largest contributor to the economy, the laws surrounding it are very complex to ensure it is strictly regulated and...
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Understanding Coal Mining Spoil Properties And Effect: A Mini Review

Understanding Coal Mining Spoil Properties and Effect: A Minireview Abstract Coal is an abundant non-renewable energy resource which a major economy backup for many countries but also responsible for wastes and environmental damage. Understanding the properties of coal mine wastes (spoils) is incredibly important to minimize the effects on human health and the nearby environment...
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