Essays on Cognitive Dissonance

Analysis Of Cognitive Dissonance Theories

Over the years, there have been many unique types of psychological theories that have been created by people that can be applied to the public services. In terms of the form of psychology that I have chosen to look at in this report, I have chosen to focus on social psychology. I could have selected...
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Case Study Of Cognitive Dissonance

Jane met the seemingly perfect co-worker Ray Brown and fell in love with him. Their relationship progressed fast that they decided to move in together. As a result, Jane stopped renting her original living place. The relationship kept sailing despite Ray not breaking up with his 3-year girlfriend Dee. When Ray finally broke up with...

The Cognitive Dissonance Mind That Dr. Jekyll Has

Decision making is a major part of life in which many have to do. The decisions that one makes will influence their life negatively or positively. Being aware about how conflicting beliefs and emotions impact the decision making process is a wonderful way to improve your ability to generate faster and more accurate choices that...
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