Essays on Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain: Movie Review

Cold Mountain tells the intertwining stories of a confederate deserter named Inman and the Southern belle Ada he left behind—Odysseus and Penelope in the Deep South. Unlike Homer’s Odyssey, it is pointlessly depressing, and concludes in a lackluster way that offers no explanation for the past two hours. If I hadn’t read the book, I’d...

Perspectives Of Gender In Homer’s The Odyssey And Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain

Homer’s The Odyssey and Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain are works of historical fiction about a homeward journey that explores the different perspectives of gender. Set during the American Civil War, Frazier’s narrative explores a deserted soldiers perilous journey home to his wife, encountering numerous obstacles along the way. Homer’s epic explores war hero, Odysseus’s, numerous...

Cold Mountain: Literary Analysis

In Charles Frazier’s Cold Mountain, Inman is characterized by personification which highlights the complex situation of man vs society he is going through throughout the story. ​Frazier characterizes Inman by using literary elements such as personification and detail to show his battle between him and his internal fear and complex situation. The use of detail...
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