Essays on College Education

The Downfall Of Free College

In America’s current society, college is viewed as a “must” by the majority of citizens. People are under the false impression that they must attend college to prosper in life, yet many continuously complain about the overwhelming cost of attending college. And due to the sensitivity of free college, it is a focal point of...
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Revamping Community College Help Improve Graduation Rates

Community College has always been a misunderstood topic. It is clear to say few people feel encouraged to go to a community college over going to a university. One thing that is clear about community college is the lack of guidance for students that did not know the right route to take to achieve their...
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Free College Education: A Controversial Issue

In recent discussions of free college education, a controversial issue has been whether community colleges should be tuition free to all, no matter then the economical background. On the one hand, some argue that it is good idea and would allow more potential students to obtain a higher education. From this perspective, it would allow...
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Importance of College Education: Opinion Essay

Abstract Collage education is rather a more advanced education that features or is based on preparing one’s future independent life. The report below outlines some of the achievements targeted by college education in an individual’s preparation in tackling their future life goals. Importance of college education A college is an institution that offers post-secondary education...
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