College Education As A Key To Future Success

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Some people may challenge the view that college education is the key to future success. After all, many people believe that college education is not always necessary to succeed in life. For example, college is not for everyone. Many high school graduates may not be ready for the academic pressure and challenges that lie ahead of them. They also might face financial problems throughout college, such as paying tuition and books. Another example, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, both are college drops who became successful billionaires after just one semester in college. With Steve Jobs owning Apple and Bill Gates owning Microsoft, they are successful by making popular products that consumers use today, such as phones, tablets, computers, and other accessories. This suggests that anyone can be successful without a college education or degree. People often spend thousands of dollars to go to college to be in student debt. In today’s world, there is numerous of online training in any field of expertise where people can learn and take courses at such a lower price. By leaning all of these online content online, many can be certified and advance to their career jobs at their own pace without any pressure of money to back.

While many others may see this argument as flawed, getting a college education provides significant values and advantages to succeed in life as a whole. Collge is a time and place where individuals students can become truly independent. They will have the opportunity to learn essential life skills such as taking on new challenges, learning time management, communication skills, and becoming more discipline and perseverance. These are the skills where an average individual could not develop on their own or at an online course. These are skills that develop naturally over time by being physically active. Even though, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are successful without a college degree; however, they are white male who was born with natural high IQ standard. The percentage of having an IQ is slim to none, and also both have found their passion, but most students do not know their passion for their future careers. Gaining a higher education is good for today’s world because college experiences help students genuinely find themselves through personal growth. For example, colleges will expose you to new people, ideas, and topics that a non-college would never encounter. With all this in mind, after obtaining any college degree where ever it is an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree. These degrees allow you to get better jobs because, in today’s society, most posts now require a college degree, especially with a complicated job such as becoming a doctor or a lawyer. These jobs will include bonus such as job benefits.  

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