Essays on Colombia

Colombia: Defining and Classifying Cyberspace Security Threats and Attacks

The Columbian government has in the recent past come under heavy criticism after claims of abuse of the state surveillance system to spy on human rights defenders, political opponents, and journalists by the Administrative Department of Security. Due to Colombian’s rights, the government replaced the department with the National Intelligence Directorate but are yet to...

General Overview Of Colombia: Analytical Essay

Today, Colombia’s regime type is a unitary presidential constitutional republic, a nation in which the president has all the power and control over all political matters; he is the head of state and government. Colombia’s president today is Iván Duque Márquez. Colombia’s current government system, unitary presidential, was adopted in 1991. Before that, the country...
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Colombia Versus Mexico: Comparative Essay

In both Colombia and Mexico, various initiatives were put in place which backfired and damaged the quality of life of the citizens by the hand of the state. Specifically, urban renewal projects and privatization of public utilities were the main contributors in this decline. Urban renewal projects include landscaping, construction projects, renovations, and street improvement,...
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International Political Economy Of Colombia And Its Historical Events Like Trades, War, And Debt Crisis

In this paper, I will discuss the International political economy of Colombia and its historical events like trades, war, and debt crisis. The theme of this paper will be focused on International Finance like the World Trade Organization, International Monetary Funds, and International Bank for Reconstruction and Development as Colombia’s economy is relatively good compared...
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Food Agricultural Issues In Colombia

Colombia is located in the northwest corner of South America, it is home to nearly 49 million citizens of 85 different ethnic groups. Colombia is one of the most densely populated countries in South America second only to Brazil. The land area of Colombia is almost 440,000 square miles. The government and economy set up...
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