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The study reviews two local governments in Australia and compares the areas with community work. The chosen local government authorities (LGAs) in this assay are local governments for Belmont and Morley. The following segment will delve into the community projects implemented by the LGAs, as mentioned earlier.

Approaches of LGA

Belmont City offers varied services to the taxpayers and residents, is mostly free of any charges. The budget is allocated by the Commonwealth of Australia, which is distributed in areas like education, environment, infrastructure and healthcare. The government recruits the staffs, and they are in charge of local projects such as foreshore stabilization, water use, community wellbeing, and heritage protection (City of Belmont, 2019). Morley is a suburban area in the city of Bayswater. The city council elects the people and is responsible for community development projects related to residence, art, sustainability and environment (City of Bayswater, 2019). The budget is transferred from the central power for the betterment of the ordinary people living in this area.

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Local Community

Belmont is essentially an area of local government located in eastern suburban regions of Perth. The city is close to Swan River which allows the community of 40,000 to live happily in the area. The people are diverse with luxurious ethnic quotient (City of Belmont, 2019). As commented by Gilchrist (2019), local communities include the people who are living in the areas for a long time. Morley has grown into a bustling and lively place for residence, business and leisure. The community life is vibrant with around 10,000 inhabitants and 10,000 employment opportunities in the area (City of Bayswater, 2019). This suburb has grown to be the socio-economic centre of the city of Bayswater.

Relationship Between LGA and Community

Interaction between the LGA and community of Belmont is pleasant, owing to rapid development and service provisions. Authorities regulate the needs and expectations of the community in terms of primary and supplementary areas. According to Green (2015), it is essential for peace to be maintained by the provision of necessary facilities like food, employment, clean water and residence. The relationship between the LGA and community of Morley is amicable. Creation of multiple facilities and activities like sports, events and derby has enhanced the satisfaction of the residents. Teams compete in weekly matches and winners receive trophies at the end of each season. Urban development has caused a few of the community members to express concern for the environment. As noted by Mtika & Kistler (2017), environmental sustainability can be a significant benchmark for understanding the abilities of an LGA. However, the recent creation of pocket parks in the area has subdued potential conflicts.

Community Projects

Main community projects implemented by Belmont LGA are Waste Recycling and Minimisation, Foreshore and Biodiversity Stabilisation, and Great Eastern Highway Urban Corridor Strategy. The projects cater to the basic needs of waste management, environment and transportation of the communities living in Belmont. Community involvement is noted to be significant in these projects. Belmont has achieved the third milestone in its biodiversity project through corporate strategy and collaboration with Bassendean and Bayswater LGAs. Residents participate in these projects by collecting specified domestic wastes on their designated days.

Main projects of Morley LGA are Pocket Park Development, Streetscape Planning, Art and Leisure Events. The community engagement is high and is monitored regularly with the help of a specified hub. The LGA value residential feedback and try to keep the people on loop with the critical projects. Creation of streetscape is helping to establish the link between Galleria Shopping Centre and Coventry Village, which are important shopping destinations in Morley. Creation of pocket parks offers opportunities for leisure and setting up events and gatherings. A number of projects are collaboratively funded by the Federal Government and Bayswater with the help of community grants.


The city council of Belmont is responsible for the community wellbeing. As commented by Arensberg (2017), the members of the council follow the hierarchical structure where the council leaders are appointed through the election. Executive officers and community project managers are appointed with the help of departmental heads in the process of recruitment tests. The council members of Morley are voted by the residents who are then put into their respective offices to supervise the community projects. According to Gilchrist (2019), a temporary staff is recruited when permanent ones take extended leaves of absence or to meet the on-demand situations. The executive associates are also hired on a contractual or permanent basis with the help of appropriate recruitment tests. Community relations are overseen by leaders with teams at their disposal. The leverage in the networks is undertaken by experienced municipal personnel who meet the requirements of various projects.

Integrated planning

Contiguous development of community spreads and integrates development among the community members. Development inside a community emphasises needs and problems for the dwellers of Belmont city. According to Mtika & Kistler (2017), the development also enhances relationships among members, self-worth and enthusiasm. The community projects in Belmont and Morley encourage the integration of strategic planning and development with the help of transformative approaches in their community projects. Creation of forums enables dialogues that allow idea sharing and develops positive relationships across diverse groups of community members in Morley.

As opined by Green (2015), there are multiple facets of community development. Development in these two chosen LGAs occurs with systematic changes in dwelling conditions and basic amenities. The council of Belmont proposes implementing the projects by facilitating contiguous development of their community. This includes community members accepting information and knowledge from one other through explanatory, praxis and descriptive dialogues. In addition, Morley council utile social networks through communities ties in practice. That includes the creation of a strategic plan for its community development projects and communicates the plan among stakeholders through participation and interaction.


Hence, it can be concluded that the community projects are effectively staffed in the LGAs of communities living in Belmont and Morley. The projects are strengthened by positive interaction among the community members and government authorities. Overall, integrated reporting and planning approaches can be considered for strategic planning.


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