Comparison Of Honey And Mumford Learning Styles

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Upon completion of the Honey and Mumford learning style questionnaire, my highest score was on the reflector style while the least was on activist style. As a reflector, I have a careful mindset and would learn best from paired discussions, self-analysis questionnaires, receiving feedback from others and from coaching (Honey and Mumford, 2006). This questionnaire has allowed me to understand myself and be aware of the different learning styles.

Having a reflector approach towards learning, I agree that I have good listening skills. It has been extremely helpful while working as an Architect for the past five years. This strength has always been crucial and effective in delivering my services. I have always gathered all the detailed available information for planning and designing as per the requirement of my clients. Architects should listen to their clients but also at the same time it needs to be confirmed that they understand the intended meaning (Franck & Howard, 2009).

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It has been correctly pointed out by Honey and Mumford (2006) that as a reflector, I am always “cautious and try to avoid any risk”. In this way, I am letting go of better opportunities which comes my way. I also avoid any form of participation which would mean that any ideas or suggestions I had would be left unheard of.

Now, having found that I possess reflector style of learning, I realize that I tend to spend much of my time on collecting data rather than working on the actual task. It took a while for me to complete this reflective essay since I spent most of my time collecting information and searching for ideas, which may be due to my high reflector mindset. It is crucial that I try to set myself a start and end so that I can get myself to start on the actual assignment.

In any project, I would be working with a diverse group who would have their own individual way of learning. Since I now have an understanding about the different learning styles, this would be helpful while working with them to achieve the best out of myself and my team. Research by Alshammari et al. (2020) found that successful project managers should accept each and every team member and celebrate their individuality as well. As a project manager I will have to lead the project throughout the project life cycle. It is important that I try to improve my other learning styles especially that of an activist who can lead. According to Gillard (2009), it is not enough for project managers to possess hard or technical skills only. Being able to lead, communicate among the team members and motivate them are now the fundamental soft skills required to effectively manage projects. I need to start initiating and participating in the group discussions in class. This would boost my confidence level and enhance my activist learning style. Therefore, working on my least preferred learning style along with my reflector style would help me achieve the best. 


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