Comparison Of The Taming Of The Shrew Play And 10 Things I Hate About You

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The Taming of the Shrew play and 10 Things I Hate About You movie had similarities, but in numerous ways were different. The play took place between 1950 and 1952 while the movie was modernized, taking place in the late 90s. In the movie, compared to the play had similarities like the central conflict, the character’s goals, and some of their traits, but there were apparent differences, like the setting which was in “Seattle, Washington” while the play was in Padua, Italy. Also, the language was modernized, and some characters had traits and personalities that were very different. Cameron, one of the main characters from the movie, represents Lucentio from the play. They had similar motives, which was to win Bianca’s heart, and did so in a similar course of actions, but they had different attributes to their character.

While these two characters were different, they had some similarities, like their motives and actions. In the movie and the play, they both fell in love with Bianca at first sight, saying how beautiful she is, etc. Also, in the play, Lucentio decided to disguise himself as a tutor, changing his name to Cambio, which is similar to the name Cameron in the movie. Speaking of a tutor, Cameron also decided to be one for Bianca to teach her French. Another thing is that they both have someone helping them. Cameron had Micheal Eckway, who showed him around the school, and also helped him with advice and became his best friend, while Lucentio had Tanio who was a servant and also best friend assisting him with the plans. Both Cameron and Lucentio had the same motives and desires, which was to earn Biana’s love before some other person did. Lucentio was trying to compete with Hortensio, while in the movie, Cameron was competing with Joey Donner, the high school jerk. But the thing is, while Cameron wasn’t as confident as Lucentio, when he was confessing how he thinks Biana doesn’t care about him and how he really liked her, he was bolder in telling her that, like how bold usually Lucentio is, showing his character dynamic. As you can see, these characters did have similar motives and actions, but they also have many differences with their personalities.

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There are numerous ways that Cameron and Lucentio different character traits. In the play, Lecentio was a much more confident and bold person than Cameron was. In the play, Lucentio was very confident in his plans, especially with telling Tanio what he needed to do, while Cameron had Micheal was more of a reserved kid and had Micheal help him around with the situation. He was the shy, nerdy high school type kid. Cameron did have a plan, which was finding Patrick to date Kat, so he can date Bianca, but he wasn’t as sociable as Lucentio. Patrick ended up scaring him when he tried to talk to him, so he had Micheal help him with that, showing him how timid he can be, compared to Lucentio. He was also intimidated by Joey, he didn’t do much with him, but ended up getting punched by him when he confronted him at the prom. In the play, Lucentio was much more confident when facing Hortensio, especially when he read the passage confessing his love to her, thinking his plan will totally outdo his. These points support why Lucentio is a more bold and sociable person than Cameron.

Overall, I think I would prefer the play version a little more. It just felt more original and proper, while the movie felt cliched and maybe a little forced, like the high school party movie trope. However, the movie did have things I liked, like how funny it was, and how the characters are more modernized which makes them more relatable, like how I relate to Cameron’s personality, but the play’s plot was better, and it felt more complex and less cliched, but characters didn’t feel as relatable since it took place so long ago, but they were still fascinating and complex characters. I think I would have to say I preferred Lucentio’s character because I really like characters with confident personalities because they are more fun, even though I find Cameron more relatable. However, I do think both are very enjoyable and funny. It’s just that the play is better overall for me. 


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