Essays on Competitive Advantage

Competitive Advantage And Porter's Generic Strategies Model

Competition is one of the biggest factors when it comes to determining the success or failure of a firm. Sustainable Competitive Advantage is when an organization implements a value generation strategy that is difficult for current and potential competitors to imitate (Barney, 1991). Michael Porter (1985) found a modern way in which companies could gain...
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Assessing Amazon's Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Over the last decades, Amazon emerged as the biggest e-commerce platform with a revenue of 230 Billion USD in 2018 (Nasdaq 2019), staying ahead of its competition. Such a position is often referred to as competitive advantage (CA), defined as the implementation of a value-creating strategy which cannot simultaneously be copied by any competitor. Sustainable...
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Competitive Advantage: Key Factors And Ways Of Acquiring

Companies are constantly pressured as they continuously face issues with profitability, growth and sustainability to survive in today’s fiercely competitive business environment. The current dynamic business environment forces firms them to distinguish themselves apart from one another as well as the ability to quickly adapt and change to maintain relevancy or achieve desirable levels of...
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The Walt Disney Company: Competitive Advantages

Social-cultural factors. The Walt Disney Company aims to provide comfort, motivation and different opportunities to children and families with the help of volunteerism, investment in youth and children’s hospitals & wish granting. It is highly believed that Social Responsibility is a long term investment that pays off with the strength of company operations, competitiveness in...
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