Essays on Computer Programming

Difference Between Coding And Programming

There is a lot of widespread confusion between the words coding and programming, but today we’re going to show you why they’re different, and how they both relate to different areas of computing. One (coding) is actually used to lay the foundations for the other (programming.) Coding relates specifically to one function, whereas programming can...
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History Of Computer Programming

The computer was invented around 500 BC. But it isn’t something like the computers we see today. the first known computing device was the abacus. It was used to do simple calculations like addition and subtraction. With a good practice, a man can do calculations using an abacus as fast as doing it using a...
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Plan and Execution of Home Computerization: Analytical Essay

Abstract Development is a wearisome system. To be able to structure a thing using the present progression that will be fundamental to the lives of others is a tremendous obligation to the system. This paper shows the procedure and execution of a straightforwardness yet versatile and secure PDA based home computerization structure. The framework relies...
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