Essays on Computer Science

Driving License Corroborator Using Internet of Things and Data Mining Techniques: Analytical Essay

Abstract Internet of Things allows objects to be sensed and controlled remotely across existing network infrastructure, creating opportunities for more direct integration between the physical world and computer-based systems resulting in improved efficiency, accuracy and economic benefit. Using IoT in vehicles could increase safety with a higher counter puncture level for accidents. Teenagers drive less...
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Issues Concerning Trust: Survey of Solutions to IoT Security Issues Using Blockchain

Abstract: Internet of things (IoT) is indicating exponential development in industry and research fields, yet regardless it experiences security vulnerabilities. IoT gadgets procedure and trade information without human cooperation. Security issues will keep on expanding with such a template, particularly for confidential information, such as information gathered with increasingly more refined associated gadgets (framing the...
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Digital HRM – The New Digital Era In Human Resources

Abstract: Technology has altered all walks of life. Any business process, function or strategy cannot be thought without the inclusion of a “Digital Element” in their operations. In today’s era of modernization it has become very essential to remove redundancy and adopt new age technology to collaborate with business function for their sustainable development. Hence...
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Plan and Execution of Home Computerization: Analytical Essay

Abstract Development is a wearisome system. To be able to structure a thing using the present progression that will be fundamental to the lives of others is a tremendous obligation to the system. This paper shows the procedure and execution of a straightforwardness yet versatile and secure PDA based home computerization structure. The framework relies...

Cyber Security: Major Cyber Attacks And Techniques Used To Tackle Them

Abstract The aim of this report is to investigate the major cyber attacks and techniques used to tackle them. Network infrastructure with reliable communications and processing capabilities is key to commerce. This is the reason data in the systems has become more vulnerable to cyber attacks. In this report, different types of Cyberattacks and solutions...
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