Essays on Conservation

Application And Issues Of CEA In Conservation

Evaluating interventional programs that are and have been implemented are based mostly on ecological factors for success. For example, evaluating a conservation intervention programme based purely on species status (Salafsky and Margoluis, 1999). However, it is also important that investments in conservation should also be evaluated in order to decide which conservation options would provide...
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Current Threats To Conservation: Article Review

This article, Current Threats to Conservation incorporated by numerous Authors, is partitioned into three sections. The three sections incorporate, Policy, Grazing, and Deforestation. The article may not be significant since it has been composed about seven years prior and no new versions has been made accordingly it should be refreshed. The article is for the...
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Conservation Of Marine Life In The Ecosystem

In recent years, the public is getting aware of the extinction of marine resources. The concerns and awareness among the public have been increased due to the various articles published in newspapers or in magazines which are only sourced to reach out to the people. Oceans is the greatest gift to all the living creatures...
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Conservation Measures Taken By Diverse Agencies In Pakistan

Conservation measures are being taken by diverse agencies in Pakistan. There are diverse natural world parks, wetlands, sanctuaries and game reserves. One of the most energetic factors within the continuance of the atmosphere is flora and fauna and it has thrown in a primary deal to the lifestyles and adulthood of early mankind. It is...
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Reasons To Employ De-Extinction

This essay seeks to show the reasons why de-extinction should be employed to tackle some of the loss of species and changing habitats through climate change through the ability to research the newly reintroduced species in a real way. The essay seeks to show how different aspects of the subject of de-extinction has contributed to...
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Ecotourism: Counterproductive Conservation

For the past few decades, non-human primates have been deliberately habituated for the purpose of tourism and it has since developed into a profitable industry fueled by a strong market demand. Ecotourism is a controversial tool in terms of its sustainability as an effective conservation solution for primates. Ecotourism is best defined as responsible, low-impact...
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