Essays on Conservatism

Neo-Conservatism Perspective

Education is an essential element and a need of any society, and education is the vehicle that drives knowledge, and the self-preservation that every member of society needs for integration. The wealth of a country is assessed because of resourceful human beings that the country has rather than the physical and material wealth. Education can...
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Traditional, One Nation Conservatism Versus New Right Conservatism

This essay will be discussing Traditional, One Nation Conservatism and New Right Conservatism to be able to answer the question “to what extent can the new right be seen to have departed from traditional conservative values?” It will cover the start of One Nation by Benjamin Disraeli, and Thatcher’s revolutionary contributions to the New Right....
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The Three Classical Ideologies: Conservatism, Liberalism, And Socialism

Conservatism Traditional conservatism is an ideology based on the idea to maintain traditional, social and cultural principles. The government’s role in a conservative society is mainly to both preserve and mediate the importance of traditions, traditional values, and often religion. The reason for this is to protect the people from themselves. According to conservatives, humans...
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