Essays on Contemporary Art

The Interpretation And Forms Of Contemporary Art

Some of us might enjoy admiring art, some of us have no clue as to what it means and if you are a curious soul, you might want to know what it means. Art is, when boiled down to a basic meaning, a means of communication and each artist has a language of his own...
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Contemporary Art And Spirituality

Modern day art can be described as a spiritual by virtue of its revelatory, revitalising and contemplative capacities. However rather than reminiscing on the relationship between modern day art and religion, one should ponder on, the nature of the dialogue between art and spirituality, how do the two come together and what form and medium...
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The Reflection Of Social Contexts In Contemporary Art

I will be looking at the relation and concerns between social contexts and contemporary art. There have been so many pieces of contemporary artwork that can be related to social contexts. These pieces often referred to and understood as social art. These pieces can send powerful messages via the social platform, they can be interpreted...
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Interpretation of Contemporary Art: Analytical Essay

For some of us, art is a means of catharsis, for some, it is good to look at, but for some of the curious souls, understanding what it means is still a mystery. When we say ‘art’, the traditional artworks, like the Mona Lisa, or the Picasso might pop up in our heads, for people...
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