Contradictory Moral Code Of Batman

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Batman has always maintained a moral code of not killing people, which is his moral bottom line, but whether his bottom line is wrong or right or wrong.

Let’s assume that if Batman does not kill, then he can establish a fair image and gain the trust of the police. With the assistance of the police, he can better combat criminals. He can also establish a heroic style among the citizens of Gotham, represent justice, and let the citizens see hope.

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But bear the risk of the criminal’s second crime. For example, clowns have repeatedly come out and been arrested. The previous time may kill one person, the next time they may kill a dozen. Under the dark atmosphere of Gotham, most first-level criminals are difficult to get consciousness. All were put in the highly-regulated and talented Arkham Asylum.

In addition, there is no death penalty in Gotham City. This is the last guarantee for so-called senior government officials or people with power. Even if they are put in prison, they will not end their lives because of the death penalty.

So the only thing that can determine the life and death of criminals is Batman, the People’s Volunteer. But captured criminals often have revenge. After coming out, they will kill more people in retaliation against Batman. More and more people will be killed or injured.

If Batman changes his moral code, he can kill. That Gotham City will lose the so-called justice and light, only the so-called good murderers and bad murderers. Batman won’t get the trust of the police, he really can only do it alone, and he faces the risk of being arrested.

Although they will face it when not killing, the police mostly open their eyes and close their eyes, and their intensity is not great. But if they become murderers, they will treat Batman with the same intensity and attitude as other murderers.

If you kill, you won’t have a second crime and you won’t have a second greater casualty. Some criminals will also start fearing that Batman will kill and give up crime. Gotham citizens may lose their light and hope, but they can passively live in darkness and comfort.

If Batman destroys his moral bottom line and starts killing, then he is really no different from other criminals in the true sense. He may kill and kill by mistake, and then gradually enjoy and psychologically twist, and eventually become a real criminal.

However, from the current situation of Gotham in the comics, Gotham has not improved much with the help of Batman. The criminals are still emerging, and the number of imitators is still increasing. Did not get the light, still shrouded in darkness.

Batman worked so hard for so many years, after all, he didn’t get much results and lost to reality. However, Batman’s heroic style of killing has also led to the formation of other police officers to help fight criminals together.

Throughout the text, Batman’s moral code is very contradictory, but the behavior of a superhero has not changed a dark fact, which is throughout the text, Batman’s moral code is very contradictory, but the behavior of a superhero has not changed a dark fact, which is the saddest regret of Batman’s life.


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