Essays on Conversation

Reclaiming Conversation In Today’s World

Many have wondered what it would be like to experience a change in communication from face to face to digital conversation. Sherry Turkle and several others have witnessed this happen within the past thirty years. Within the past two weeks, citizens of the United States of America have experienced an incredible change in their lives...
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Same Sex Marriage And Religion

In recent years, there have been a multitude of debates surrounding the controversial topic of same sex marriage. Even more so, Christians have been held under a microscope in regard to their stance on the topic of discussion. Some Christians believe that it is an abomination, a terrible act and usually act in anger to...
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Different Definitions Of Discourse

Discourse as Nunan (1993) defines it is ‘a stretch of language consisting of several sentences which are perceived as related in some way’; Within the definition of discourse, it can be found that discourse refers as much spoken as written kind of languages. However, many analysts distinguish that the term “discourse” refers to spoken discourse,...
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