Essays on Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance: Pecking Order Theory, Trade-off Theory, And Agency Theory

Corporate Finance What is the Pecking Order Theory? The Pecking Order Theory, otherwise called the Pecking Order Model, identifies with an institute’s investment arrangement. Made famous by Stewart Myers and Nicolas Majluf in 1984, the hypothesis expresses that superiors follow a chain of importance when thinking about wellsprings of financing. The pecking order theory expresses...
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Corporate Finance Theory: Leverage Measures And Trade-off Theory

Corporate Finance Theory Leverage measures Leverage measures, allow for financial managements to identify if they are meeting their financial obligations. This therefore needs to be measured with either market valued balance sheets or book balance sheets. The correct measure in the right measuring principle is the ratio which is derived from the market value balance...
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Advanced Corporate Finance: Research Article Review

Advanced Corporate Finance Writing Assignment: Research Article Review Article #4: Capital structure adjustment (Byoun 2008) 1. Motivation of Study Previous studies have discussed the pecking order theory verses the traditional trade-off theory and its impact on capital structure. In this paper a financing needs-induced adjustment framework is used to determine the dynamic process by which...
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