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Understanding Business Ethics: Fair Trade in Starbucks

Introduction: In 1972, Starbucks opened its first business in Seattle, and about 11 years later, with effective marketing plans Starbucks coffee is quickly delivered to many restaurants. The product that Starbucks focuses is natural coffee. Starbucks is located in Europe and in America, worldwide. Businesses will need to consider different ethical issues when making business...

Analytical Essay on Taxi Service: Work in Uber as a Taxi Driver

Uber is a free-to-download a mobile app that provides a taxi service to anyone that has the app. However, they do not own any taxis. All of their taxi drivers are crowd-sourced and own their own cars from which they work. Uber has created many jobs, as a matter of fact, they have 3 million...
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Analytical Essay on Netflix: Global Context and Case Study

Introduction: Netflix, Inc. is the world’s largest Internet entertainment provider with over 139 million paying subscribers in over 190 countries consuming TV shows, documentaries, and feature films through a wide spectrum of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they wish on any internet-connected device, anytime, anywhere. Members can play, pause and resume...
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Analytical Essay on IKEA: PESTEL Analysis

Ikea is a well know home furnishing retailer company around the world founded in Sweden in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, and until today the company is a private limited company own by an organization controlled by the Kamprad family. IKEA is one of the most successful retail companies in the world. Ikea has grown rapidly...
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Minecraft: Mojang AB As A Java Game Development Company

Introduction to Mojang Mojang AB is a Java game development company founded in 2009 by Markus Alexej Persson – publicly known as ‘Notch’. Mojang is most commonly known for their 3D sandbox game “Minecraft”, although other games they have developed include Scrolls/Caller’s Bane (2014), Cobalt (2016) and Crown and Council (2016). Notch was the main...
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Research On Anorexia: Pro-recovery And Pro-anorexia Communities On Tumblr

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder that is characterised by a restricted-energy intake, a disturbed body image and an intense fear of gaining weight (National Eating Disorders Association, n.d.-a). Approximately 1% of women and 0.3% of men will develop anorexia during their lifetime (National Eating Disorders Association, n.d.-b) but on average only 33% (of women)...
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Impact Of Competition In The Uk On Supermarket Industry: Tesco

Introduction The majority of the market share Recently declining This paper will attempt to examine the relationship between increasing competition in the UK supermarket industry and how it affects Tesco and the provision of good and services to its customers. Tesco plays a significant role in the UK, employing over 300,000 workers all over the...
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