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The pathway that I am currently in is cosmetology, the cosmetology industry is very diverse in the services that it provides. As of right now makeup and cosmetics are the most popular among younger ages and certain problems have started to arise involving cosmetic products. The biggest problem cosmetic companies are facing right now is the regulations they are putting on products that are supposed to benefit skin care. Consumers are starting to care about what goes into their daily skin care products and this problem is leading them to want more natural and organic products. Susan Aldridge had this to say, “Cosmetic companies have to find other ways of ensuring the safety of product ingredients for the consumer.” (Gale eBooks “Cosmetics”). But, the solution is simple, new trends come every day cosmetic companies need to catch up. So, I propose that to help solve the cosmetic company’s regulations on products we should try taking on new challenges and make products that people will love.

Recently, skin care has become the number one priority for people who use cosmetics especially younger girls. But, cosmetic companies aren’t putting enough regulations on the ingredients that go into their products, “Consumers have become afraid of chemicals and started looking for products they think would be “natural” or “safer.” (The `Natural` Beauty Industry is on the Rise Because We’re scared of Chemicals”). After hearing everything that people had to say about this I agree that their cosmetic companies should be more regulated to benefit skin care. As someone who wears makeup, I care about what goes on my face and some cosmetic companies aren’t paying attention to what they are using to make their products. The newer generation or, “Millennial’s”, are affected by this problem more. Since teens are wanting products with the purest ingredients causing there to be a huge change in the way cosmetics are being made. Kat von D, a well-known tattoo artist and creator of the Kat von D Beauty makeup collection, had this to say about the cosmetic industry today, “She also talked about how customers have changed. Referring to the growth of the cruelty-free market she said `Millennials really do care`.” (How The Beauty Industry is Adapting To Change). Another business owner of a company called Skinfix from the same source said, “She said, `Seventy-three percent of millennials say they want natural skin care products…` Reagan believes that good skin will become more important in the culture.” (How The Beauty Industry is Adapting To Change).

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Cosmetic companies need to watch what goes into their products and they should look further into the needs and wants of customers to understand that products should be diverse, not just for one person. I believe this will resolve the problem because once consumers get what they want it will most definitely get them to want more and it will keep things going for cosmetic companies. With this type of solution, I believe it will affect both consumers and cosmetic companies. I also believe that the impact will not be negative because after skin care products and any other cosmetic have been regulated by the cosmetic companies, it will lead consumers to be happy and satisfied by the fact that their products are coming from natural ingredients instead of artificial materials. This also means that cosmetic companies are being more considerate about what goes into their products and they will be kept in business instead of having to face situations such as a decrease in revenue.

In cosmetology we are taught that to be a successful cosmetologist in the future, it is important to stay current with what is trending so that way we can work with customers more efficiently. This way we get good feedback and reflect on what we could do better the next time around. This pertains to the problem because everyone aspires to do something different whether it be a makeup artist, hair stylist, nail technician, etc. everyone’s goal is to keep customers happy. In the makeup/cosmetics industry, it is crucial to make sure the product fits the consumer and will benefit them. So, owning a product that will have negative results will end up getting back to those who made it. For me, makeup is one of my passions and I know that if I were to make my own cosmetics I would want it to be something that everyone will be excited to use. A way to fix this problem I would utilize my skills to make everyone else aware of this growing problem and educating those who are new to the cosmetic industry. Maybe soon in the future cosmetic companies will learn to understand the severity of the situation.

In conclusion, the problem that cosmetic companies aren’t regulated to benefit skin care can be resolved with these simple solutions. Furthermore, as the cosmetic industry becomes more advanced people will keep asking more of cosmetic companies to make products and have regulations on them before putting them in stores. The cosmetic companies need to be more open to what is out in the world right now and whatever comes to prevent any unwanted problems like this one.



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