Creation Of Brand Image

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Companies should go through different steps in order to establish strong brand image.

These steps will be as follow.

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  • Identify the key audience companies should identify their key audience whether they are internal (industry analyst and workers) or external (customers and partners) companies need to be very specific about audience they are targeting in order to craft effective marketing strategy that will satisfy their needs and concerns.
  • Determine clear business goals and put them as guidance in every step the company need to go. This done through determining short term and long term strategy and business goals before setting the brand image.
  • Determine your brand personality after determining both key audience and company business goals. Companies can go through establishing brand persona and this done through clear identify of the features and benefits that brand overcome the competitors in order to serve the target audience that have been identified before.
  • Developing Key message and this key message should align with audience interest and this key message is very important as the audience will take it as home message printed in their minds specially after interacting with your brand.
  • Branding is about building and maintaining a favorable identity and image of the company and/or its products or services in the mind of the consumer. The goal of branding is to
  1. Build and maintain brand awareness and interest
  2. Develop and enhance attitudes toward the company, product, or service
  3. Build and foster relationships between the consumer and the brand. Then after that company Branding success can be seen in both (Brand Identity and Brand Equity)

The brand identity: consists of the combination of the name, logo, symbols, design, packaging, and image of associations held by consumers.

The brand Equity: come from the goodwill of the company or from the differentiation from the other competitors in good manner or from the benefits are returned on the customer who choose to use the brand and have good experience with it.

Then finally after putting the foundation for your brand then you can go through promotion and activity in order to build strong relationship with your customer

  • Public Relations that help in dissemination your key messages and company news in online blogs, trade publications and news outlets. By positioning your company as a thought leader and expert source on breaking news and trends, Public relations can improve your brand image and raise awareness.
  • Social media is a valuable tool for sharing information relevant to your industry and interacting with customers and influencers in your field. A powerful social media presence can significantly increase website traffic and enhance your image with both new and existing customers.
  • Search Engine Optimization is a strong tactic that improves your company’s ranking on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and Ping. This is to make an impact with key audiences, you’ll need to rank well for specific keywords and key phrases, increasing the amount of traffic to your company website and other digital assets.

Example for Branding:

Apple branding strategy focus mainly on emotions and how they make people feel transferring to them identity and different personality from the other competitors and satisfy their feeling of being premium and provide them with simplicity and imagination company with a heartfelt connection with its customers. Through these qualities, Apple is positioned as being extremely helpful to people and businesses as they strive to achieve their goals. Apple Brand Equity and Apple’s Customer Franchise the Apple brand is not just intimate with its customers, it’s loved, and there is a real sense of community among users of its main product lines. The brand equity and customer franchise which Apple embodies is extremely strong. The preference for Apple products amongst the ‘Mac community’, for instance, not only kept the company alive for much of the 90’s but it even enables the company to sustain pricing that is at a premium to its competitors. Finaly Apple company dramatically improved its manufacturing costs, while still maintaining very strong brand equity. 


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