Essays on Creativity

Social And Contextual Perception Of Creativity

The perception of ‘the creative’ is not something seen as normal, typical or the average (Weiner, 2000). Creativity is a mechanism involving the creation of new concepts or novel associations with existing ones, where it may take the form of adaptation and alteration (Rudowicz, 2003). Nevertheless, only if a creative product or an idea is...
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The Impact Of Technology On Creative Thinking

A lot of articles criticized technology for being too powerful on the society now a days. Some of those articles I searched online about the connection between creativity and technology tried to make me see the other side of it, such as if “the internet give us a template for everything, and limitless supply of...
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The Value Of Creativity And Innovation For Businesses

Creativity is nothing but the process of creating something unique and new. Creativity indeed plays a crucial role in organizations at all levels. Following same old techniques might not yield results everytime. Remember, change is inevitable. You just can’t stick to what was taught in your school or college. Creativity is reaching to innovative solutions,...
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