Essays on Cultural Relativism

Moral Relativism

Moral relativism sates that ‘there’s not a single correct morality’ because the ethical or moral statements differs from one individual to another hence no one’s opinion of right and wrong is superior, all statements are correspondingly valid. The moral relativism is an extensive term, a lot of in person applied variety of different forms of...
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Protagorean Relativism

Such an outcome begs the question as to why relativism is inconsistent. First of all it does not provide a one thing. As Hilary Putnam states if “ ‘X is true relative to a person P’ and are themselves true or false aboslutely’ then it stands to reason that there is an absolute concept of...
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Ethical Relativism

Ethical relativism has always been a controversial issue in the history of philosophy to this day. It is a moral theory according to which there is no universal way to know what’s good and what’s not, which are from the perspective of moral relativism have different moral systems equal, ie, equal or no value. Ethical...
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