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In this reflective portfolio, I am going to talk about my journey through the pillars restaurant and the skills I demonstrated to show the customers an excellent customer service, and a good experience within the Pillars restaurant. I will be talking about the customer journey from the customer entering the restaurant and for when they leave, and how I reacted to satisfy their needs. This portfolio will also talk about the importance of good customer service and how it is beneficial to an organization and the impact it makes on the customer.

As the customer enters the restaurant the first thing that they should see and hear when they ask for help is a warm welcome and a good eye contact. Even when managing customer service requests over the phone to make reservations for subsequent days, a smile in your voice can come through, so I had to make sure I was ready to be friendly with the customers.

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When the customer wants their order to be taken, listening is one of the customer service’s simplest secrets. Listening means I had to listen to what the customers were saying loudly to get the correct order and see what they interact with non – verbally. I had to look for signs that show their disappointment or satisfaction. I had to listen directly to what they’re trying to say whether it was for a dietary requirement or if there was something wrong with the order or whether they needed a drink or different cutlery to suit their needs.

I needed to know what I was selling to provide excellent customer service both food and beverages. I had to also make sure that I knew how the products or services of the restaurant were and how they worked. Being aware of the most frequently asked questions of clients and knowing how to adequately explain the answers that will satisfy them was also something that I had to do and struggled a lot along the way. At the start of every service, I was explained what type of services we would be serving and what type of drinks would be served during the service, this greatly helped my confidence in knowing what exactly would happen during service hours.

When serving the customers I had to make sure that I know which food is going to which costumer to ensure a smooth service without having to ask the customer themselves what food they ordered, doing this made it seem more professional and personal to the customers as it shows them that we remembered the order they placed. Remembering which food, the customer order was a struggle to me at first but slowly got the hang of it as I progressed in the course

A customer who is wanting to get help, solve a problem, or find out about what you are selling may have nothing worse than getting no response from the server. So, while the customer is enjoying their food, I had to make sure that I was focused and looking around to see the faces of the customers whether they needed anything or not. Even when the table is not my designated table, I still had to make sure that they are looked after just in case they’re the server is currently busy. It is important to respond to all inquiries swiftly, even if it is just to say that I am looking into the issue and will be in touch. Any sort of response is always better than none so that the customer does not feel ignored and become dissatisfied with the service that I was providing them.

Being respectful is one of the key requirements to achieve excellent customer service, Customer service can sometimes involve emotions, and so it is important to make sure that I and my other colleagues serving the customers are always polite and respectful in every way of our customer services. I made sure to never let my own emotions take over whoever the customer I was serving at the time, even if they were being difficult to serve with. A customer is always for life and giving the best possible service while they were at the restaurant would ensure a greater chance of them coming back to eat. Ensuring that the customer walks away happy and me knowing I have done the best I can to serve them is a very import6ant part of the customer service and the customer journey in the restaurant.

Great customer service greatly impacts the customer experience. A customer can make or break an organization’s brand. Having good customer service creates regular and loyal customers, customers that received good customer experiences gives free advertisements and positive user-generated online reviews through social media platforms that can easily help small or big organizations strengthen their brand name; and make their selves more open and have a good public image. Maintaining existing customers is far less expensive than obtaining new ones. It is more costly to pull in new buyers than to maintain regular clients. Happy customers become dedicated buyers when a business is reputable, dramatically increasing company profits.    


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