Essays on Dating

The Inherent Risks Users Have To Manage In The Pursuit Of Love

Abstract As the number of people who use dating sites grows, so does the frequency of reported scams. In regards to privacy and trust, this paper presents the inherent risks users have to manage in the pursuit of love. To assess compatibility, users are encouraged to provide private and sensitive information, which compromises their privacy....
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The Dating App Dilemma

Left, left, right, right, right, these words may as well be synonymous with yes, no, approve, disapprove, interested, and uninterested, to millions of adults across the United States. One may ask, what could link so many together across such a diverse nation? The answer is simple, the desire to be with someone who wishes to...
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Dating Apps

Dating Apps are frameworks that engage people to find and familiarize themselves with the new near and dear relationship over the Internet, generally with the target of making individual, wistful, or sexual connections. Dating Apps give express parts utilizing Internet-related PCs or mobile phones. These apps and sites offer a wide grouping of un-moderated matchmaking...
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