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This Is Water: The Speech Of David Foster Wallace

On September 12th, 2008, David Foster Wallace committed suicide. Before his death, he gave a remarkable speech to the Kenyans graduating class of 2005. It was called “This Is Water” and in it, Wallace informs the graduates about his perspectives on life. Throughout the speech, Wallace presents didactics to the audience in hopes of elaborating...
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The Message Of David Foster Wallace In This Is Water

Most people go about their day unconsciously, just trying to get by and start the next and they become frustrated so easily due to others around them causing some sort of delay in their daily tasks. David Foster Wallace gave a speech to college graduates in 2005 titled “This Is Water”. Many say that it’s...
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David Foster Wallace's Author's Style In This Is Water

The author of “This Is Water” uses the unique creation of persona through default setting, repetition of keywords, and ethos to get his message of the personal obligation our society needs in order to face “our lives, bodies, and minds.” David Foster Wallace was an American writer and a university professor in the disciplines of...
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Rhetoric In Speech Of David Foster Wallace

Rhetoric is used throughout many speeches as it draws audiences in and allows them to learn more. In David Foster Wallace’s speech, “This is Water” and in the film, Dead Poets Society featuring one of the main characters, John Keating-both utilizes rhetoric in their speeches to describe the importance of finding value in education and...
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The Cost Of One Life For The Quality Of Many

The hardest part of a person’s life is finding out who they are. To find out who they are, they might go to college or drop out of college to travel or do something else with their life completely. Both 2005 Kenyon College graduates and every reader learned a lot about themselves after either reading...
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Consciousness And Reflexivity In David Foster Wallace’s Commencement Speech This Is Water

Consciousness and Reflexivity David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech, “This is Water,” opens up a complex discussion on whether we can “adjust” what is “hardwired” into our brains. Robert Kurzban’s book, Why Everyone (Else) is a Hypocrite, contributes to this discussion with its neurodeterministic perspective and skepticism of the self. These topics are further critiqued on...
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This Is Water By David Foster Wallace: Rhetorical Analysis

In the text “This is Water” by David Foster Wallace although many people may seem to the center of the universe, Wallace guides them to be aware of the world around them. Wallace uses emotional and logical appeals in his main argument that people can choose to look at anything in life differently than their...
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Integrity Vs. Submissiveness In Hills Like White Elephants By Ernest Hemingway And Good People By David Foster Wallace

Manifestation of an obstacle that promotes a disagreement will create opposite sides of personal integrity or submissiveness. When an individual is faced with a problem, their initial actions are dependent on their beliefs and encouragement of those involved. However when a decision is slowly solidifying, the individual whose opinion is not favored will begin to...
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