Essays on Decision Making

Management Accounting: Decision Making

The Balanced Scorecard (herein; BSC) originated as a set of measures conceived by Robert Kaplan & David Norton in 1990- it was designed to show management a streamlined overview of the organisational unit. This model features four perspectives in a feed-forward system whereby each perspective leads into the next, in the order; Financial, Customer, Internal...
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Bias In Decision Making

The decision-making process constitutes a procedure that concludes to the final choice from a set of probable activities to achieve the intended objective. The managers and businesses are persistently subjected to decisive challenges. Often these decisions, to a certain extent are made under the conditions influenced by several unconstrained factors that intrude the factual context....
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Literature Review: Decision Making

This report examines articles relating to the topic of decision making that was covered in class. Decision making can be defined as operating analytical methodologies to solve problems. Decisions effect the development of several roles such as controlling, planning, regulating, targeting and synchronising by each individual’s preference. Numerous research articles identify the dynamic motivation in...

Decision Making In Emergency Management

This assessment will provide a brief review of Hoekstra and Montz’s (2017) study ‘Decisions under duress: factors influencing emergency management decision making during Superstorm Sandy’. The purpose of this study was to investigate how emergency managers (EMs) make critical evacuation decisions in order to develop a decision-making model specifically for the complex role of EMs....
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Decision Making In Mental Illness

Decision making is the way toward picking a game-plan for managing an issue or opportunity. It is a demonstration of assessing a few other options and picking the one well on the way to accomplish at least one objective. Impulsive decision making is characteristic of a few mental issues including substance dependence, bipolar disorder, attention...
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Buyer Decision Making Process

As a publisher, it is necessary to understand how a potential customer will determine if your book is worth buying or not. Customers are hoping to find a book that they believe will help them solve a problem, learn something new, and is worth their time and money. Buying a book is not usually a...
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Decision Making In Adolescents

INTRODUCTION There has long been a dilemma with adolescents and a common theme of making “bad decisions”. Many attribute this to hormonal changes and a progression of puberty. However, it raises curiosity as to if there may be an underlying justification as to why this prevails. Is this an environmental cause? Is it a result...
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Decision-Making Using Simulation In Management

ABSTRACT Decision-making in ventures holds various conceivable outcomes for benefits and dangers. Because of the unpredictability of decision-making processes, modelling and simulation devices are being utilized to encourage them and limit the risk of settling on wrong choices in the different business procedure stages. We feature the job of modelling and simulation in improving basic...
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Analysis of the Issue of Abortion and Factors Influencing Abortion Decision-Making Processes Among Women

Introduction While abortion signifies one of the commonest gynecological processes globally, no movement has stirred such ache and controversy like the right to an abortion. The fundamental social and political paradox raised by abortion is two-fold: the legitimate domain to which decision about abortion is to be made, and the salient determinant factors behind the...
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