Design Development: Self-Assessment And Peer Feedback

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I have created two designs for the product I am presenting to progress ahead and in this Document, I will describe why I have designed my designs based on my customer profile choices.

Design 1

My design 1 features a blue base colour with a white trim colour and a wide rim I have chosen the blue base colour as it was the most popular colour chosen in my market research, and I have chosen white as my trim colour because it was the second most popular colour in my market research. The hat features a wide rim because the hat is designed with women in mind because women favoured this design in my market research. I have used a spotted design as most people chose this design in my market research. The weaknesses of this design are that if I use the blue as a base colour It was not my most popular choice from the research I completed in Task 2 so the hat may be less popular than competitor designs that use a better base colour. Another weakness of this design would be if I use a white trim colour it is unknown what effect it will have on sales as I have not researched this in my market research.

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Self-Assessment Design 1

For my design 1, Some problems I could face would be a rapid decline in interest if I use orange in my design as it is facing a decline in the interest of the bright colour spectrum, and I could lose revenue because of this. I also could lose interest by some portion of my customers because the design appears dull and tedious.

Peer Feedback

My feedback consisted of opinions on how I could design a superior version of my first draft these consisted of that I needed to change the blue base colour for a more favourable maroon this is because 70% of the people I asked suggested that colour. I also was suggested to change the spotted design for a stripey design as 82% of the people I asked suggested this to improve my design. Furthermore, People also suggested including a high-quality cotton inner lining to improve comfort.

Design 2

My second design features an entirely reimagined design where there was once a basic blue base colour there is now a stylish dark maroon colour to accentuate its now striped design that I Have included these new changes to incorporate consumer feedback into my design this I showed as I have included a high-quality cotton inner lining to improve comfort and improve the thermal dynamics of the hat during summer days These incredible changes were introduced because of my consumer feedback. A weakness of this improved design is that it still does not use a popular colour and therefore could be inferior that competitor designs this could limit the market share that my product will take. Another weakness of this improved design is that the striped pattern is not the most popular pattern that I had in my market research.

My Chosen Final Design

My Final Design will include the reimagined design that I showed in my second design however I will change the base colour to an orange base because this is what my market research concluded as the most popular colour that people chose. I will also include a high-quality cotton inner lining that will provide comfort to the wearer this is also suitable for my target market as the Orange colour is specifically chosen to please women who choose to buy the hat. I will also include leather as the primary material the hat will be made from to add an experience of luxury to the hat, furthermore, the hat will include a spotted design on the base this is to take into account both my feedback from peers and from my market research. Finally, the hat will have a leather band that is a soft red to contrast in the orange colour to add an aspect of creating depth in the design of the hat this is to please the target market who buy the hat and to give a sense of luxury to the product.


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