Development Of Academic Skills: The Improvement Plan Of My Weakest Academic Skills

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This study is going to present the improvement plan of my weakest academic skills, therefore I am going to give examples/ways of upgrading them and making them less weak, so they can be considered as my best academic skills. Which is going to help with procrastination and life management. The following examples are going to show the general environment of my improvement needing academic skills.

Firstly, I am going to talk about stress management, and how I am seeing myself improving it, as it is holding me back from the best possible performance. Secondly, about time management witch is a subsequent of stress management, where I can’t organize my time correctly and it’s outcome is late night assignments and finally finishing it very close to the deadline. Lastly it’s revisions and exams, which cause stress and anxiety, as we can see all of the examples are in a “vicious cycle” where each of them conclude to an other one.

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In the first place is stress management, which is the main cause of the rest of the weak academic skills. There are many things that can prevent and stop stress management, for example students should stop comparing themselves to others and they should get away from that toxic environment. The issue is that comparing yourself with others is subjective. Nobody has the same performance or way of studying,so it is pointless. Afterwards is avoiding isolation, numerous investigations show that students spend most of their time, at the near end of the semester, in faintly lit rooms where you can pass the greater part of the day with no daylight, not to mention social interaction. Instead of students isolating themselves they should open up about what they are going through, sometimes also writing about problems help with getting over them. Lastly students should believe in themselves. “see what you want, get what you see”.

firstly, students should consider what they want, in many cases there are many unaware students that don’t know what they want and that causes controversies in self belief. Finally all students should put some effort on trusting themselves. As a student i am constantly busy with trying to manage time correctly and at the same time connect with friends and family without creating a negative gap between them. As we know stress management causes bad time management, witch concludes to a vicious cycle with the same problems repeating. In my lifetime I have noticed that many times, last minute assignments, jobs and other priorities have occurred and I have found myself in a very stressed and anxious situation where everything collapses and makes the task even harder. It is noticeable that making plans makes time feel “longer” when it is not.

Making schedules is a very important factor to improving time management, for example the affected students (and not only), can make a suitable for each, schedules with due dates and prioritize important tasks. If the student sees this as an achievement he/she can go even further with scheduling and organizing time. Another important aspect of time management is not getting distracted. Distraction feels like it hangs around every possible corner. Whether that is the TV, the laptop, a smartphone, or even a new song from your favourite singer playing on the radio. In this case disabling social media and any other electronic devices, will seriously help on focusing in other important priorities. In the act of the other two previous weak academic skills, is bad revision and exams.

Many students including myself, have a very serious problem with exams and revision, as it seems to be the final part of a class, a semester etc. With that in mind students, in order to improve that fear, have to make an algorithmic schedule. To make an illustration they have to start from the very first step on revision for an exam, with measuring the exact needed time to study and to achieve, that can end in very good way as everything will be organized and thought of. In conclusion, every student has to prioritize and organize his/her tasks so they do not end up in stressful and toxic situations. Personally, I have to improve my skills so I can have a good experience in the university, and be professional in the near future.


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